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 mixing board The quote you see at the top of the page is one I am grateful to have heard many, many times during my broadcast career. I'm Mark La Roi, and my studio, Straight Street Productions can bring your audio to vibrant life! With nearly 20 years acting experience and 13 of those years spent in radio producing live and recorded shows, hosting programs, and doing two live air shifts, I can bring the best out of you or lend my voice to that special project of yours!
Listen for yourself, check out my promo/commercial/narration demos! At about one minute each here's the first demo and here's the second demo! Now, this one is about two minutes in length, it's my production and voice demo.

Commercials, programs, presentations, resume demos, a gift CD for mom's birthday... you name it, I can help you. For professional production at a price tailored for today's economy, choose Straight Street Productions!


The Gospel Show One Voice

The Gospel Show One Voice is my answer to a bland mainstream approach to music. Have you noticed that, with any given station, every song sounds pretty much like the song before it? Bored of the same old songs yet? When I started listening to radio from across the United States and the world, I couldn't find any stations which play Christian music that offered real depth of variety.   
    Life Music!
Realizing that the Heavenly choir is going to be composed of all nations of the earth singing praise to God, the idea of getting started now was very appealing. Thus, by making quality of song a higher priority than fitting into a narrow slice of society, the Gospel Show One Voice was born!
Not just traditional Gospel songs, not just Rock Gospel, not just pop Gospel, not just Latin Gospel, not just Psalm singing, but a slice of real life, where people don't come in just one color, shape, or size, and where we're all supposed to sing together of one mind and mouth in praise of God. This is not a statement of how worship on The Lord's Day should be, but on worship the rest of the time.

I need sponsors to get started, so if you're ready to take the next step in praise, join me in making it happen! Contact me at

about me

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but my borders stretch far beyond. I'm the youngest of 8, and had dreams of becoming a professional wrestler before God sent me to Moody Bible Institute to begin my undergraduate studies, and now to the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary for my graduate studies, and expect to graduate with my M.Div in Theology shortly. I enjoy Bible study, fishing, aquariums, writing, making music, producing audio dramas, photography, cooking, and the smell of new electronics (What a rush!).

 It's a real blessing to me learning about the various ethnic cultures of our world, and sharing mine with them. It doesn't take a big effort to begin bridging gaps! Regarding my broadcast resume I worked almost 13 years at the same station for Salem Communications, was the founding producer of the
Faith In Progress program, producer of the Bible Burgh program for its entire run (2006 - 2014), and have voiced and/or produced more audio commercials than I can remember.

My skills shine as an interviewer, and I've also done my share of tv/video performing. I first dabbled in the performance arts as a wee little guy in the third grade, when I chickened out on a dance performance set to Neil Diamond's "America", but recovered quickly and have never run away again. In high school I even did a bit of runway modeling for a short time! 


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